D4S, initial impressions from an ex-"victim"

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D4S, initial impressions from an ex-"victim"

I'll be very straight-forward.

1. The previous ahem, "issues", ahem, cough, in the D4/D800 seems to be resolved in the D4S. I will test further just to be sure.

2. Mirror-slap much dampened.

3. AWB is now very accurate, and too accurate in certain conditions. Tends to like to be on the cool side in artificial lighting.

4. Above issue easily dealt with as the D4S now offers AWB offset in 0.25 (M/G) & 0.5 (A/B) increments. This is a major firmware or soft upgrade. If you still find Nikon too green/ accurate/dull, just set it to something like M0.25/M0.5 with A0.5. With that said, It is by default no longer green enough for an average asian to complain about his/her skin-tone.

5. Low-light AF improved in terms of stability of AF between different types of light. So far I don't see the front-focus issues in warm light which plagued virtually every CAM3500 sensor camera I tried since D3. And industry problem, but thankful it has been solved. I need to do further test to be sure. Basically I can now shoot a cat under sodium-vapor lamps at f1.4 without an issue, lol.

6. Noise reduction too strong. Akin to 5D Mark III smudging details with even it's LOW setting. NR NORM can make your image look like mush if you like to use ADL (since the darks will be massaged) or shooting at even medium-high ISOs of 1600 - 3200. ISO performance when set to NR OFF already looks fabulous.

7. Same font (i think it's ugly) as the D7100 in menus.

8. There is now in the menu, face-detection biased Matrix Metering. By default, it is on. I've not had a chance to test run with portraits yet, but I suspect this may be a good & bad thing depending on how you prefer to expose for highlights. If i'm not mistakened, this exist in the D800/D4 but there is no evidence to suggest it does except for marketing papers.

9. Previously enigmatic cf functions are now clearly explained... e.g. multi selector center button zoom now says (Low, 1:1, High) instead of (Low, Medium, High). When zooming in during image preview, that is a pointer & scale which tells you when you are at 100% magnification. Don't laugh, because I had a buddy who announced to the entire world that his D3S sucked & couldn't focus because he used center button zoom at High Magnification.

10. The reborn plastic nipples is now easy to use.

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