SX50--harassment on the cliffs

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Don_Campbell Senior Member • Posts: 2,725
SX50--harassment on the cliffs

For some reason a northern harrier decided that the cliffs where the peregrines hang out and have their eyrie is something it owns. It has taken on the peregrines numerous times and gotten a bent tail feather in the process.

This time it is the female peregrine the harrier took on. She flew away from her first perch and the harrier followed to make trouble:

The peregrine braces for the attack.



OK, both feet up, talons at the ready...

I don't think that this is an invitation to dance.

Under the wing and then outta here.

HQBurst mode. For all the folks anxious top see things up close and personal-warts and all I'll post a set of images through the workflow I used.

Thanks for looking,


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