Ok to store Canon dye printer with carts filled with distilled water?

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Ok to store Canon dye printer with carts filled with distilled water?

I’m getting ready to store a Canon CMYK+ dye printer, perhaps for over a year or longer. I’ve seen conflicting advice on this, and would appreciate feedback on what I’m considering:

  • Flush / purge complete set of cartridges to get essentially all ink out, using tap water (our area has first-use snow-melt, but chemicals and minerals added to water by local water utility company)
  • Fill carts with distilled water and let soak several hours or over-night
  • Remove as much distilled water as possible from inside cart (vacuum extract)
  • Wick carts nearly dry with paper towels in contact with outlet port, held in place with rubber-bands (thx ghwellsjr)
  • Refill carts with distilled water and reset chip.
  • Run series of nozzle checks and “Clean Printer” cycles until no ink color shows in nozzle check, then several more.
  • Fill carts to full with distilled water.
  • Lightly rinse off outside of print-head to remove ink over-spill (don’t get tap water inside print-head).
  • Clean print-head carrier of ink over-spill
  • Several cycles of soak print-head in distilled water and shake out print-head internals
  • Install print-head in printer, put carts in print-head, and run nozzle check and then cleaning cycle
  • Power off and store inside (could freeze if stored outside).

Is the above over-kill? Flawed with issues I’m overlooking? Others steps I’m leaving out?

Is there a simpler, as effective or more effective approach?

Are there different considerations for a printer with Pigment-Black cart?

I’ve thought about using carts that have been wicked-dry, rather than filled with distilled water. However, I was concerned about the rubber’ish washers around the print-head inlet port getting dried out and possibly cracking. Also, I had the impression that internals of the print-head don’t like to be dried out for long periods of time.

Or, is the whole idea of long-term storage of an ink-jet printer flawed? Would I be better off trying to sell it on CraigsList, or giving it away?

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