Exposure metering.

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Re: Exposure metering.

orelavi wrote:

AF-L button lock the focus (no need to press shutter half press and after it on AF-L).

When working with the EVF the natural position is half press on the shutter to lock the focus.

Pressing on the AF-L when looking through the viewfinder is not comfortable...

What Fuji camera are you concerned with, because mine doesn't work like you describe. Mine's a X100?

In autofocus modes the AFL button only locks a previously acquired focus. So you DO have to half-press the shutter first in order to get a focus. Then the AFL locks that focus.

In manual focus modes the AFL has a different function. It acquires focus i.e. you press it to get focus. It doesn't lock the focus in manual mode as it can be adjusted with the focus barrel of the lens.

Other Fuji cameras tend to adopt this dual function of the AFL button - hence my question of which camera are you talking about?

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