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Re: Clear filters can affect contrast

Indulis Bernsteins wrote:

WooBall32 wrote:

logan ross wrote:


What hood caps do you use?

No hood caps. Just the clear filters, which are easy to keep clean...

I used to use expensive, high quality B+W UV filters but after doing a controlled test of contrast shooting against the light (room in a house, brightly lit by large windows and indirect sunlight) and a 17-55mm F2.8 IS Canon lens, I found that there was a distinct drop in contrast in the shots with the clear UV filter.

Since then, I rely on the lens hood for protection, and don't fit an external filter, unless I know the environment is going to be harsh (e.g. seaside with a wind lowing spray and salt).

Try the test with your own setup of camera and lens.

Hello! I don't have any experience with UV filters. The filters I got for my setup are "Clear". I had to order them online, because our local "pro shop" only carried UV filters, which I didn't want.

I will however, see if I can detect any drop in contrast with the B+W Clear MRC 007M filter.

Thanks for the info...

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