7D Auto ISO vs. fixed ISO?

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Re: 7D Auto ISO vs. fixed ISO?

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

RGF wrote:

Using auto ISO today (over cast and low light) all of my images out of focus. looking at the info it showed the ISO at 3200. I am using the 7D with a 100-400 L lens. Really got no keepers. I am having difficulty comprehending the ISO setting as some say they never use Auto - I guess now I see why? Any suggestions on camera settings would be helpful. I used M, AV, and TV modes.



I use the same lens with a Canon 60D which has a similar detector. I shoot in auto ISO a lot.

It is not an auto issue - more likely a exposure time issue.

For your BIF, shoot in TV mode with a time no less than 1/800 sec. Your camera will drive the lens to the widest aperture for the magnification you are using. Shoot with the IS on for this speed. Let auto ISO range all the way to 3200, as noise reduction software is really quite good these days.

Good luck, and have fun.

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What noise reduction software are you using?  I have a 70D and if I let ISO get any where near 3200 for BIF, the shot is ruined completely. Most times, BIF shots need to be cropped severely, so ISO of even 800 is too much in many cases.  I set my max ISO to 400. I have shot at 800, but anything more leads to disaster if the ISO gets that high.  I can't imagine the 7D being any better at controlling noise as it is like 4 years old now.

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