Which kit lens for olympus om-d em-5?

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Re: Which kit lens for olympus om-d em-5?

Stevejac wrote:

I'll give a much more positive view of the 12-50. 18 months ago I bought the om-d em-5 almost on impulse. I was about to go to Peru for 2 wks and the weather forcast was for rain the whole time. I studied the owners manual on the flight down. I also took my panasonic 7-14 and 50-200 zooms.

As it turned out we only saw rain one afternoon for a few minutes. Nonetheless, I think I used the 7-14 about 5% of the time and the tele zoom maybe only once or twice. I learned to love the 12-50. It is small, light, has a nifty macro mode and, of course, it's water resistant. I found the images to be quite good, and not swapping lenses all the time was an advantage.

Is it as good as my 12-40f2.8 that I now own? Nope, but regardless of how it does photographing charts for websites, in the real world it was great. The zoom range was good and it was easy to use.

What it isn't is fast. Have you considered a fast prime for indoors? Consider the 20f1.7 panasonic or the 17 f1.8 from olympus.

Do you really need a tele zoom? I have the 75-300 Olympus. It's pretty good but heavy. You can zoom when you process your images, up to a point. The high quality of the em-5's sensor gives you a lot of leeway.

If I had to haul my camera equipment on my shoulder for a whole year in asia, I'd just take just take the 12-5o and a fast prime.

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Steve Jacobs

I agree with Steve 100%. I'd go for the 12-50 and many times you can find a new 40-150 for less that $200. I got mine on sale for $100 last year!

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