Disapointed in my Df.

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What lens were you using ... ?

AF performance is highly lens dependent. If you were using any of the AFS primes for instance - they are slow. Any one of the "Trinity" are much faster focusing lenses

(my advice is based on I assuming your DF and my D600 have "about" the same re AF performance)

I would have tried 9pt, AF-C, AF-on, release priority , JPG basic, ISO 6400 f5.6, NR on auto or high, and shoot multiples of each passing target @ shutter = H. Using AF-C and release priority 1 or 2 frames out od a 6 frame burst will likely be in focus - maybe even more. 9 pt gives a little wiggle room on a moving target for the camera to find a good contrast edge.

The 39 pt AF sensor is not quite as "sure" as all the 51 point bodies, but it is not terrible either. It tends to hunt a more - but more like "chattering" between a number of "opinions". Hard to get it to settle.

My D700 seems just a little bit slower, but "decides" right away and is usually accurate, and therefore more keepers.

good luck

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