I think we need a "versus", or "arguments" or "fanboys" forum

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Re: Do you REALLY think that would make a difference?

GodSpeaks wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

Martin.au wrote:

Where we can put all the silly trolling efforts like the recent spate of mirrorless vs dslr and dslr vs mirrorless threads.

I don't. These people take great pleasure in talking AT someone, not talking with someone. All they can hear is their own brilliance. They don't see themselves as obnoxious, they see themselves as bringing . . . enlightenment to the masses. You couldn't keep them in a forum that deprived them of (what they perceive as) their rightful audience.

I think we all fall into this trap for a bit. Then we grow up and abandon adolescent behavior. Well, most of us, anyway.

True. That is why I havent stopped by here in weeks. Same crap from a few people destroying virtually every thread they enter....and playing the victim when they are called out. Pointless.

Just ignore them. Exit the thread and go read another one. It's far easier than trying to argue with them.

Probaly good advice.  It does however get annoying when they post information that is incorrect or misleading that causes others to be mislead.

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