DF - low light focusing speed?

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Re: DF - low light focusing speed?

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Coming recently from Fuji cameras, I am astounded there is ANY negativity surrounding the AF on the Df... Really! I'm not saying the D800 isn't better, but we surely have to be disecting pre-split hairs here.

And not even the X-Pro1 with FW 1.0 would take 10 or even 5 seconds to focus in the dark

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Hi, yes - being the Sony RX1 owner - I'm aware of what the slow focus in low light works like with mirrorless cameras The RX1's PQ is pretty phenomenal in low light, by the way - but I just don't want another camera that would be as slow to focus as my RX1 in low light, what's the point then.

Here's another Df auto focus observation - this one from Amazon, verified purchase:

"the focus at low light sucks, real bad. I wanted to do a high ISO group shots but couldn't because my camera couldn't focus. This being the strongest feature of NIXON is now a disappointment on the Df. The light was low, but not that low. I think not having an assistant light is the biggest mistake they made. MY SOLUTION: I programmed the fn button to "no flash" so I put on the flash on the camera, used the strobe's assistant focus (red light) and shoot while pressing the fn button to avoid actually triggering the flash when I shoot. Way to loose your vintage look"

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I'm not trying to be unkind, but you will find negative reviews on every single item out on the internet. There are no documented issues of poor focus performance for the Df. I would buy it and if you have issues, send it back.

I really don't like doing that - buying and sending back.  I couldn't find the Df at my local stores to try in person, so I'm trying to do as much research as I can.  I would use the camera in low light, so to me it's important that it can autofocus without too much hunting..

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