My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: Dreaming is free, large sensors cost money

Rservello wrote:

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Erik Magnuson wrote:

See, it's statements like this that make it hard to distinguish between satire and ignorance. But we'll get our affordable 6x9 shortly after we get our flying cars for less than the cost of a new luxury car.

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Referring back to my previous post - the almost exact, same comment was made against my argument for FF digital SLRs.

Back in the 80s I knew a guy with a cellphone the size of a briefcase. I told them I'd consider buying one when they could fit in your pocket. "They can't get any smaller - they need too much battery power" he told me. 5 years later I bought one that fit in my pocket.

Back in the 90s I knew a guy who bought a DVD player for $1000. I told them I'd consider buying one when they were a tenth that price. "They will NEVER be that cheap" he told me. 10 years later I bought one that cheap.

I wasn't sure if my friends were being satirical or ignorant either.

Some people just believe what they're told. Some believe that the expensive toy they bought is the best that will ever be.

Yep! And such a strange belief, considering they will again be buying the next best thing in a year or two!

Others look to the past to divine the future and realize that everything we have now will be bargain bin garbage in 10 years.

That's why I've only upgraded my camera once in 12 years, and won't change it again until things significantly improve.

But, I am happy those who put their faith in adverts frequently buy a new expensive toy each time they are made to feel they need one. All the money they spend goes towards research & development for the future affordable dream camera we're talking about.

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