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When I started getting into event photography with my DSLR a few years back I saw someone with a Fong diffuser on their speedlight. It looked interesting and I considered getting one. The price put me off for a while and eventually I decided it was mostly a marketing thing, not necessarily a good photography thing. That's really all I know about Gary Fong.

The primary reason I'm not interested in the Lightsphere or the small softboxes I've seen advertised is that they don't place the light where it will do the most good, but throw it around in all directions and hope it hits something useful. IMHO that wastes a lot of the light. I like to use bounce flash, but I like the light to go to a specific area where it will diffuse back to the subject.

I built my own diffuser with a sheet of card stock and a rubber band and used that for a while but it wasn't the best thing and didn't really look too professional. Also tried the black foam thingy.

Eventually I saw a video on the Spinlight 360. I got one and I like it. It's not perfect, but I think it does a better job than the Fong thing. It basically gives you a way to direct light from your on-camera speedlight. It's easily adjustable. It will take gels if you use them. It attaches to pretty much any speedlight with a velcro strip.

One of the things that bugged me about my old SB800 was that the rotational limits were really limiting. If I wanted to use the camera in portrait orientation and bounce from the ceiling I could rotate the head to the right position. However, if I wanted to switch it around to landscape and bounce behind me I had to move the head all the way around to get it into the right position. The SB910 has a much better versatility for rotations like that. You still have to squeeze the locking button to get it to move from some positions but it goes where I want it now. The only problem I have is that in some positions where it's not really locked, the weight of the Spinlight attachment can cause it to move out of position if it's jiggled the wrong way.

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