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Edward Chatlos wrote:

Have you thought about turning the Fuji hoods around and mounting them backwards for travel and storage? You only need to mount them in the forward position if they are needed. You still have access to the aperture ring.

Thanks for the suggestion and the photo! This is how I have been carrying them and it works quite well.

I've actually done as you've suggested with the aperture ring! The XF23 in my main lens. That, and then the XF14. With these lenses, I'll sometimes pop the clutch into manual focus which I can't do with the hood on backwards.

For myself, I don't like the fit of the lens caps - it seems like they come off too easy and they are hard for me to get them seated on the lens again. As for the hoods, it just takes too much time - especially putting them on backwards. The truth is, there will be times when I use the Fuji hoods at home or when I'm by myself taking photos for situations that demand an optimal hood...

What I mean is, I'm traveling with my wife. She is not into photography and I don't want to impact her experience while I fumble around with the lenses! There is a certain amount of spontaneous freedom, for me, that comes with not having to mess with caps and hoods.

Thanks again for showing an alternative - much appreciated!

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