m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Re: m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Wow! I'm glad I live in a country where everybody as the general rule has the right to access all land, private or not.

Huh? I can walk into your backyard without your permission?

My guess is a nation where trespassing was legal wouldn't stay sovereign for very long?


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Yeah, that describes it quite good.

Regarding the Same people and their right to keep reindeers on all land in northern Sweden that I wrote about in another post I want to add that that this is not without complications. There has been some struggle from their side to get clearer rights but that has failed, after the longest ongoing trial ever in Sweden. They claimed ownership to mountain areas which probably was a mistake, they might have won if they claimed the right to use and got that codified. And after that some landowners in the southern Sapmi area sued them for keeping reindeers in forest area and won, which means some restrictions. But then landowners a bit north did the same but lose. So the rights are a bit unclear and differs in different parts of Sweden. The Same people has been oppressed, forced to speak Swedish, but are now recognized as a national minority and the Samish language is recognized as a national minority language (among Jiddisch, Romani chib, Finnish and Meänkieli). The Same people have their own parliament which is an official authority in Sweden.

This may be an interesting parallell to the Navajo nation and their situation.

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