GX7 owners contribute tips for camera setup

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Re: GX7 owners contribute tips for camera setup

Tip #1: Save Silent shutter/ Electronic shutter to your favorite button and learn to use it as often as you can. You don't want to use it for action or in fluorescent light, besides that it's perfect. Less vibration means sharper photos, potentially. Less shutter actuations means longer lasting shutter. Less noise means better candids and more natural portraits, if that's what you're after.

Tip #2: Buy more batteries. Not the worst battery life of all mirrorless, but it goes fast. OEMs are not too spendy, i have a couple extra 3rd party, they work well and last about the same.


Tip #3: Learn PP. The files are not horrible when the come to noise (in raw) but they respond very well to NR and other PP. Not sure if you have software, it's a good idea to have.

Tip #4: Buy fast primes. While not quite a match for Oly 5 axis, the GX7 IBIS is good and i have taken some pretty slow SS shots. I think ive had success as low as 1/8, although my subjects don't usually allow that (toddler, family, pets ect). Being able to use fast primes without sacrificing stabilization is nice. FYI IBIS doesn't work with video.

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EDIT: seeing the post above mine reminded me of another.

Tip #5: Learn the AF modes, specifically pinpoint AF and face detect. Pinpoint takes a half a second since it zooms in real fast as it locks, but it allows you to be so accurate. Face detect is nice too. When using it, you can press the back button (Fn2) followed by center button (set) and it will pull up center point without having to change AF mode. Two quick button presses and center point is active. If you need to go back to face detect, hit the center button once more. It makes it very fast to adapt to the situation, and face detection works very well.

I use this all the time for my toddler running around. Sometimes she is facing me, a moment later running away or turned around. Very quick and easy, no menu surfing.

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