Auto ISO in Manual Mode. OLY m43 system

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Re: Auto ISO in Manual Mode. OLY m43 system

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David Kieltyka wrote:

Note that you can get around this with lenses that don't talk to the camera, like the Voigtländers, by using shutter priority with Auto ISO. Since the camera can't control the lens aperture this is effectively manual mode with exposure comp. capability.


I get around it by shooting in M mode 95% of the time with Auto ISO turned off. I shoot with full ISOs only, up to 1600 (so - 200, 400, 800 and 1600), always choosing the lowest ISO I can in order to get a combination of fast enough shutter speed and small enough aperture to suit my creative requirements.

After rereading this post of mine,  I realized I had been guilty of telling one of the photo 101 'little white lies' of oversimplification I mentioned here. Here's the Photo 220 version:

I generally expose to the right and capture raw files in manual mode at base ISO on my E-M5. Using base ISO on this camera yields the greatest dynamic range, which allows me to more optimally expose to the right, as long as there's enough light.

When there isn't enough light to ETTR at base ISO while maintaining sufficient DOF and a sufficiently fast shutter speed to freeze (camera and/or subject) motion to the degree I wish to freeze it, I will set my desired shutter speed and aperture, then adjust ISO upwards in full stops as high as I can (with an upper limit of ISO 1600) without blowing important highlights.

This procedure allows me to capture all the dynamic range my camera is capable of given the shutter speed and f-number required by my creative vision in combination with the scene luminance.

ISO in no way determines my shutter speed or f-number and, as such, plays zero role in determining my exposure. I believe this is the future we're all moving towards. It's just a matter of time, imo.

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