I want a wide lens for landscape + city/architecture

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Re: I want a wide lens for landscape + city/architecture the Zuiko is superb

I wonder what that reviewer did to male the 12/f2.0 perform SO poorly?

These are hand held snaps with an EM-5   -   I see NO fall off, though might be measured.  I'll add a few more 'test' pics next week.

Part of this reversal of reality will stem from the fact that no IBIS is available the Pana bodies, so the Zuiko is not stabilised, but the Pana will be.
It also looks like it is not FOCUSSED properly - (and hardly a lens fault).


If there's interest, I will DO this test on an EM-1 as I have access to both lenses any time.


SLRGEAR also shows the the ZUIKO smashes the 7-14 for sharpness at every comparable aperture.  The Zuiko is sharper over MOST of the frame than the 7-14 is wide open.  
That's f2 vs f4 - not bad for a lens that is 2 stops (or 400% ) as fast.
SLRGEAR also say:
"The 12mm ƒ/2 is an excellently sharp lens. Wide open at ƒ/2, there's just a hint of corner softness, and stopping down to ƒ/2.8 reduces that almost completely. Tack-sharp results are available from ƒ/4 all the way to ƒ/11"
That matches my experience. Now I have a few lenses with the manual focus ring, I am no longer caught out, but it used to.

Interesting to see what the Zuiko 7-14 2.8 can manage - THAT might make me sell the 12mm, the Panny has no change of that.  
If the Panny 42.5 were a grand, I'd seriously consider one of those, but I see it as 60% overpriced and customers are very happy with what the 45mm can do (so far).   How do I know?  They BUY!

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