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Re: GX7 owners contribute tips for camera setup

MrWalrusGumboot wrote:

Just got my GX7 and would be interested to hear from those who have had the camera a while any tips or tricks or hidden gems they'd like to share for setting the camera up.

I've tried to replicate as far as possible the setup on my GH3 with an aim to rarely if ever need to dive into menus having everything of the function buttons or other preset buttons… at least with the screen always open the soft functions are truly useful here.

thanks in advance for your suggestions, insights etc.

Some of my settings:
I generally use face detection focus mode, it gives you access to 3 types of focusing within that mode. If there's a face obviously it'll prioritise it. If there's no face it uses 23 area and if you touch the screen you get single area. For me it's the fastest way to work and get 3 focusing modes without even changing the mode. Try it out if you haven't.

Turn AF+MF on. If you find a subject that's difficult and the camera is focusing on the subject you don't want, like shooting through glass. When you half shutter, turn the lens, focus peaking kicks in and you'll nail your subject. Much quicker than flicking over to manual focus.

Touch Pad AF - offset. It's great using the LCD while using the viewfinder to set focus points. I'm a right eye shooter but if you're a left eye shooter try tilting the viewfinder up a little and you'll find your nose won't trigger the touch pad AF.

Save your Wi-Fi networks as favorites. You don't have to go through the whole process of setting up each time.

In the dial set menu - assign exposure compensation to the shutter control dial. I can't understand why anyone would want front and rear dials controlling the same setting in A or S modes. And in manual mode I've assigned the shutter control dial to change the shutter (not aperture as it is by default - seems logical right?)

For physical fn buttons - silent mode, touch ae, wifi, focus peaking
For soft fn buttons - histogram, level gauge, photo style, highlight/shadow, stabilizer

Constant preview on - much better in manual mode. Shows a true representation of what your shot will look like. Beware though for very long shutter speeds it will take that length for your live view to update and show you your shot.

I like auto review set to 'Hold'. Simply continuing to shoot moves the image away and it doesn't slow me down. I regularly photograph people where I want to show them the shot, with hold on it's always on the screen ready for me. It's also simple to quickly zoom in to check sharpness.

Eye sensor - low

I turn off all beeps - drives me crazy

In settings menu - exposure comp reset - turn this to on, helps if you forget to reset your exposure comp and does it automatically when you switch the camera off or change modes.

Playback menu - rotate disp - I set to off. If I'm shooting in portrait mode, when I view it I want the image to show the same way I'm holding the camera. This also maximizes the screen for portrait shots. Also more impress when I show the subjects their shot.

Hmmmm that'll do for now, sure there's more though.

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some excellent suggestions here, thanks for taking the time to put these down - i'll have to try the face detect default, never occurred to me to use it except for candid street stuff on the fly.

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