Auto ISO in Manual Mode. OLY m43 system

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Re: Auto ISO in Manual Mode. OLY m43 system

David Kieltyka wrote:

texinwien wrote:

David Kieltyka wrote:

Exposure also depends on your ISO setting in RAW unless you shoot everything at base ISO and then push in post.

Could you clarify this statement? How does exposure depend on your ISO setting when shooting raw in manual mode (as dpreviewreader wrote, and as I shoot 95% of the time)?

You do have to choose an ISO (or let the camera choose it for you) even when you use RAW mode, yes?

This must be a rhetorical question, since I went into some detail in my initial reply to you about which ISO settings I use, and how I choose the ISO for each photo when shooting raw with the E-M5.

It doesn't just magically take care of itself.

Of course not, which, again, is why I went into some detail about my (active) ISO management practices in my first reply to you.

The ISO setting determines, to an extent, the range of apertures and shutter speeds you can use.

How and to what extent does it do this, again, with the caveat that we're shooting in manual mode?

Which in turn determines your exposure. Photo 101.


Many students stop at Photo 101, while some continue on to more advanced classes, wherein they learn that a few of the things they were taught in Photo 101 were little white lies that their professors teach to beginners in the hopes of making the theory easier for them to follow.

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