My dream full-frame camera.

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Dreaming is free, large sensors cost money


I think there is a vacuum in the realm of what products are available .

It's so hard on the internet to tell if someone is joking or clueless.

It seems a little obvious that many of us would like to have a very durable and hi quality digital back for a small view camera . In particular a 6 cm by 9 cm view camera .

It's so obvious that the first one was made back in 1991. Try googling names like Leaf, PhaseOne, Imacon, and even Better Light for something a little different.

The really good sensor for a 6 X 9 should be available for less than the cost of a new digital Full frame .

See, it's statements like this that make it hard to distinguish between satire and ignorance. But we'll get our affordable 6x9 shortly after we get our flying cars for less than the cost of a new luxury car.

(Hint: if you not joking, the largest sensor back you can currently buy commercially is only 53.7x40.4mm. The smaller 44x33mm CMOS sensor version starts at $35k. See )

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