Will we ever see

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Will we ever see

A high end DSLR with an upgradable brain? One of the awesome things about RED cameras is that you buy a body, then you can upgrade the "Brain" which includes the sensor and CPU. In film days, you could buy a $100 body in a pawn shop and put a $5000 lens on it and get the exsct same IQ as a $5000 camera body with a $5000 lens. The advantage to the expensive bodies was the auto features and the motor driven rewind. But to us casual photogs, those features were useless. Now we live in an age that price actually affects IQ. We pay more for larger, better sensors, and faster CPUs. But they become disposable.

While a D700 is still a great camera. It can't compete with a d800 or even d600 on low light. But why do they build in obsolescence. Isn't it better to allow upgrades, to continue brand loyalty? On top of that, if you could upgrade from a d700 to a d800 for $2000 instead of $3000 since you are swapping out the brain, wouldn't you be more inclined to? Camera makers still profit hand over fist. And it allows them to charge for shutter replacements. BUT the end user gets to stick with the body they like, and the brain that suits them. It would also mean you could swap out the brain as needed. So, say, drop in a d800 brain for lanfscapes. Or a d700 for studio shoots. Or a d600 for low light street shots. Everyone would actually benefit from this model, and it wouldn't really change anything. They would just have to design the camera body to allow the internals to slide out like a cartridge.


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