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Re: Interesting attitude towards taxes ...
I read the whole thread so far where people talk about how they avoid paying any taxes. That's just great, who wants to pay taxes aye??

The downside is of course that the local retailers will disappear over time because they don't have a choice, they HAVE to pay taxes when somebody walks in an buys a product.

Interesting attitude demonstrated here where I think that I will possibly get flamed by people who think that no taxes, tax avoidance etc is the way to go, only stupid people pay taxes right??

Yeah, yeah, that's not the point right?? I personally think that this is exactly the point!

Here in New Zealand there are many people now asking as to how online retailers from overseas can be taxed (we have GST like the UK has VAT, quite substantial tax, 15% here and I believe 20% in the UK??). There is actually quite a bit of sympathy for brick & mortar shops here, that don't have a choice. Ony the most (tempted to use the term selfish, but that is of course never the case, right??) cleverestest people think that this is the way to go, get over it, only idiots pay taxes! We had this change of some wedding gown shops charging for trying dresses on, some of them wanted up to 100.00 for trying and customers were disgusted - until there was an article in the paper that it now is common practise to try the dress on in the shop - and then buy online, no taxes, no shop front ... makes me quite angry this, but apparently this is the way to go, right?


There are many reasons why brick and mortar establishments have trouble competing with the big on-line retailers.  I think sales tax (or VAT) issue is only one part of it.  Price, selection, return policies, rewards, free/low cost shipping are all factors.  I buy primarily from B&H because they tend to meet my needs, and BTW, they also have a great brick and mortar store in Manhattan.  Sometimes I buy from Amazon, which does charge me sales tax.  In either case, the local to me brick and mortars are not getting my business.  I'm in California, and it does not bother me one bit that the state is not collecting sales tax on my purchases from B&H.  And it is perfectly legal.

I would also suggest that it is primarily the fault of governments for having created an environment in which people feel compelled to base buying decisions on taxes.  The obvious solution is for governments to lower taxes to the level that tax avoidance becomes a non-issue.

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