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Re: What, you want 100% keepers?

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However, when you're doing it for fun, it's worth persisting for the odd brilliant one you'll get. The myth of perfect autofocus is just that, a myth..

The pros I see in the field spend a lot of time chimping and deleting. Maybe by the time they get done deleting the bad shots taken at the event they have 100% keepers. Using that technique everyone gets 100% keepers, even if it's only 50 shots out of 500..

LOL. yeah, that reminds me so much of myself however, what puzzles me is when i take several shots in succession, whether it is with my 1Dx or 1D4, i noticed that some of the photos are in focus and some are not! that is when i scratch my head in disbelief and don't understand it. i just accept it and move on. but the sad thing is that i have lost some excellent bird shots this way that i wanted to scream real loud. i wish the world was perfect sometimes!


I was shooting an athletics event today. There were a couple of favourite runners of mine to photograph. While they were running I kept the focus on them alone. In other races I switched around from runner to runner.

I had about 70-80% keepers in the first instance, and half that in the others. It's the sudden and switching acquisition of focus that causes so much difficulty. I also notice that I got more keepers in horizontal mode than in vertical mode. This I'm sure is because I'm steadier holding the cameras horizontally.

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Nice to see some honesty about this. Pro's are just better at it because they're more practised but still not perfect.

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