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Re: Don't believe everything you think you know.

William Wilgus wrote:

My comments are, and have been, about the absolute, not some specific camera or group of cameras. Your comments are that within a limited set of cameras, DR makes no difference.

Sorry William,

I live in the real world with real digital and film cameras, not some theoretical world which only exists in your mind.


If you have a dynamic range of infinity, you can have infinite resolution, provided you have suitable and sufficient light capturing entities.

There is no sensor with a dynamic range of infinity and even the highest power electron microscopes can't "see" anything smaller than the resolving power of elements used to perceive "objects" allow.There is no infinite resolution.

If you have a dynaic range of zero, you can have no resolution---even if you have an infinite number of suitable light capturing entities.

To my knowledge there is and never has been a sensor with a dynamic range of zero. That would belie the very concept of "sensor.' If it can't "sense" it isn't a sensor.

This is a camera technology forum, not a theoretical physics forum, why you even bring up these outlandish arguments is beyond my understanding.

You're trying to tell me those statements aren't true. Sorry, your claim won't wash.

What I refer to is the way things work in the real world. You made the statement that dynamic range is a "huge factor" in resolution. You also said: "I've yet to see fine detail in aniy digital photo." These statements just tell me that your experience in photography is quite limited. What I have said is that dynamic range plays only a small role in digital sensor resolution and that if you have never seen fine detail in any digital photo, then either you have not looked at many digital photos or you have issues with your eyesight.

It's a simple as that. I have nother further to say on this because we have no common ground for discussion....

Best regards,


As to film vs digital, Rockwell did what was stated in

this thread as necessary for the determination, and concluded that film was the winner, providing the data to back up his assertion. All I've seen in this thread is unsubstantiated denial and condemnation.

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