My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: My dream full-frame camera.

I think there is a vacuum in the realm of what products are available .

It seems a little obvious that many of us would like to have a very durable and hi quality digital back for a small view camera . In particular a 6 cm by 9 cm view camera .

Think about all of the controls and menus , the enormous veriety of moters autofocus , vibration that could be left out and the money could go for the really good sensor .

Like the old Film holders , the sensor could fit any number of view cameras with all of the controls View cameras offer already built in .

The selection of lenses is enormous in terms of quality and variety of manufacturers of very fine optics , and they are generally very small and light weight in spite of tremendous I.Q. .

No need to redesign all of the things that go into the modern digital cameras on a continuous never ending bases . just change view cameras a few times till you have exactly what you need .

The really good sensor for a 6 X 9 should be available for less than the cost of a new digital Full frame .

No it won't fit in your pocket and you won't want to hall it where ever you go , but that is what they make the point and shoot , and the Sony A 7R etc. for .

The view camera I want would also connect to a large LED monitor so using it would be much easier and more reliable when in live view .


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