Several question regarding "backup" services, external hard drives, etc.

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skyglider wrote:

MisterBG wrote:

skyglider wrote:

NOTE: Something is wrong with this text editor. Even if I put 2 spaces between "that" and "special", this text editor is joining them together. Hope dpreview can fix it.

Which text editor are you referring to? The DPReview editor seems to work OK for me, maybe it's the browser you are using?

Referring to dpreview's text editor. It deleted the spaces between "that" and "special" when I made "that" bold. Sometimes dpreview's text editor refuses to do certain types of edits. Then I have to switch to the plain text editor and back to the rich text editor to get it going again. (I did that when I was trying to bold "that", so it may have something to do with it deleting the spaces.) Sometimes just clicking outside of the white text box area gets it going again. Flakiest text editor I've ever used.

My apologies to the original poster. Sorry to have hijacked your thread. I'll stop posting about non relevant things now.


What you describe regarding Dpreview "closing in and dropping intended spaces" -- that has been their normal way of processing for months (or years).  If I want to definitely have a NON printed area which would appear like it is a space, I enter a non printable character in the place of using a space.  Hold down ALT key and key in 255 with the Numeric number part of the keyboard and it will leave what appears like a space but it is a NON printable Character.  Example ↨  there are 2 or 3 non printable characters entered before this comment then   another couple at the end of the several words.  If More than one is uses, let up the Alt key and press again and enter the 255.  This will enter what looks like spaces for as many times as we do this.

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