Pentax menu system - easy/user friendly?

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Re: Pentax menu system - easy/user friendly?

socalval wrote:

This will be my first DSLR purchase. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Pentax K-50 after comparing it the comparable Nikon and Canon models. I haven't been able to get my hands on the K-50 in person as none of the local stores seem to stock it. Costco sells it on-line with the 2 lens bundle kit and if I go that route I will have the opportunity to return it in store IF there is a reason to - but I hope there is no reason to as I'm pretty convinced this is the camera for me. I've even gone as far reading both the online user manuals for the K-50 and the Nikon 5200. (Is that weird? LOL) It helped a little to understand the features and settings etc., but it still has me wondering what it's like to actually flip thru the menu and find things.

I'd love to hear your opinions of the Pentax menu system especially those who have used both and wish to compare for me.

I've been shooting with Pentax DSLRs since 2006 and now have 6 different models. I bought a Nikon D300s about 4 years ago and last year I rented a Nikon D7100 for several weeks. I can state unequivocally that the Pentax menu system is by far and away the simplest of the two and the most intuitive to use. But don't let that make you believe that the Pentax system is less powerful because it is not. One of Pentax' great strengths is their usability - and that covers both the menu system and the ergonomics (handling). Pentax design is just brilliant.

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