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Re: New to this forum and have a question

Pretty sure I've seen that reference, too, though, like you, it's in the back of my mind somewhere, and I can't point you to a specific forum posting in this or the 4/3 forum.

I think the reference to degraded autofocus performance and firmware upgrades came up in one of the many threads devoted to continuous autofocus modes and tracking -- the hypothesis was that one of the firmware upgrades degraded C-AF performance, possibly in one of the tracking modes.  Since I don't often use C-AF, this was of no concern to me, and I certainly haven't seen any degradation of S-AF performance after doing all the firmware upgrades.

The latest E-M1 firmware version makes use of an electronic first curtain shutter available at up to 1/320 sec exposure.  Many folks feel this alone is an adequate reason to do the upgrade, as it theoretically eliminates or greatly reduces shutter shock in the shutter speed range where it's most often encountered.  Because shutter shock is such an irreproducible phenomenon, highly individual and situation-based, seemingly experienced by some and not by others, it's the object of much discussion; but the theoretical benefit of the EFCS seems perfectly sound, and the technology very much worth having via the firmware upgrade.

If C-AF and/or tracking are of great interest you might wish to do more research and form your own opinion about things before doing the FW upgrade.  As you surely know, it's not easy to roll the FW version back once one has upgraded it.

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