Black GM1?

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Re: Black GM1?

Laszlo13 wrote:

Interesting: so in the UK they only sell black version, and only silver in the US. No idea why Panasonic believes that certain markets only want certain colors, especially when it seems to be human nature to want the other color, that's not available. I wanted a black GX7, but settled for silver (didn't feel like ordering outside the country). Now I'm glad, as I got accustomed to it, the black now looks strange - as if it's missing something. Anyway, for the GM-1, I do think silver looks better.

Well, we do get 3 of the colour variants - the "standard" choice, and the one seen most often for sale anywhere, is the all-black.  The orange version has become more widely available than initially (when it was an exclusive for Dixons duty-free shops at airports, and was even excluded from the free grip introductory offer) - I'd say now it's the second most available variant, but numerically quite a way behind the black.  The silver with black leatherette still seems to be the rarest version available, but it can be found if you look around carefully.  The white leatherette version has never been offered in the UK, though.

With the GX7, we've always had the choice of the black or silver, but the black was available initially everywhere, with the silver taking forever to turn up in stock, though it was always expected alongside the black version - but eventually it did appear.

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