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Guy Parsons
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E-M1 and 4/3 lenses and latest firmware?

vadimraskin wrote:

Hi there. Just bought an EM1 set up coming from the 4/3 (E-30) and love the camera so far.

Question: since the camera is used, it still has V1.1 FW on it and I've heard that update to 1.3 does something bad to the AF, which I absolutely amazed at so far. I am still shooting with 4/3 glass and have no plans to get m4/3 due to financial reasons so the AF concern is very high on my mind.

I am sure this was discussed on this Forum many times but maybe some good soul wouldn't mind filling the newbee in the issues.

Thanks and looking forward to posting on this Forum.

Not an E-M1 user but I'll answer in order to bump and get more attention.....

So far I've only seen good words about the latest firmware update as it adds the ability to eliminate shutter shock at 1/320 and slower shutter speeds.

With luck an E-M1 plus 4/3 lens user may stroll along and see this thread, but a more appropriate subject line may have better caught their attention.

By the way, save for that 12-40/2.8 lens, it is pure magic on my E-PL5. My 4/3 lenses just sit around unused now.

Regards.... Guy

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