Auto ISO in Manual Mode. OLY m43 system

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Re: Auto ISO in Manual Mode. OLY m43 system

David Kieltyka wrote:

dpreviewreader wrote:

This is a non-issue for those who shoot raw. Since exposure depends upon the f-stop and shutter speed only, shoot raw in manual mode, apply any exposure compensation by changing the shutter speed or f-stop and adjust the brightness during pp if the auto ISO selected is not what you want.

Exposure also depends on your ISO setting in RAW unless you shoot everything at base ISO and then push in post.

Could you clarify this statement? How does exposure depend on your ISO setting when shooting raw in manual mode (as dpreviewreader wrote, and as I shoot 95% of the time)?

I wouldn't recommend doing this. With recent Oly cameras, though, if you cap Auto ISO at 800 or so you should be okay "underexposing" and then pushing.

1600 ISO is a better upper limit on the E-M5 and the other Olympus cameras that share the same sensor (E-PM2, E-PL5, E-P5), since you'll see an improvement in read noise up to ISO 1600. Everything higher is pretty much a wash.

Also, in manual mode with Auto ISO changing Tv or Av just causes the camera to shift the ISO in response. You're stuck with the camera's desired EV unless you turn off Auto ISO. (You can of course also use AE Lock to force a different EV.) Note that you can get around this with lenses that don't talk to the camera, like the Voigtländers, by using shutter priority with Auto ISO. Since the camera can't control the lens aperture this is effectively manual mode with exposure comp. capability.


I get around it by shooting in M mode 95% of the time with Auto ISO turned off. I shoot with full ISOs only, up to 1600 (so - 200, 400, 800 and 1600), always choosing the lowest ISO I can in order to get a combination of fast enough shutter speed and small enough aperture to suit my creative requirements.

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