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My advice is to go down to your nearest camera store and check out the GM1. I live in the UK and I wanted the black+silver GM1 which we didn't sell over here at the time. So I imported one from Hong Kong because both the UK and HK share the same power adaptor. When mine arrived, I was completely surprised how small the camera was and felt like a fool for going that extra mile to get a certain colour camera, when most people will not be able to see it.

I understand if people want to go the extra length to get a cetain colour GX7 but the GM1 is about half to a 3rd the size of the GX7. So the question is will random people care or notice the GM1. To the general crowd, they will think the GM1 is just a point and shoot.

I did similar to yourself (I am also in the UK, and wanted the silver & black version, which as you say has never been particularly widely available in the UK). I did it the easy way and bought it from John Lewis, which had (only) the silver version in stock from pretty much as soon as the GM1 hit the shelves in Britain, so I was very pleased to spot it (turned out handy as there were two Panasonic promotions running on the date I bought it - both official Panasonic ones - the well-known free grip offer but also another one which I only spotted later that they said I could also claim on, so I received £30 of JL vouchers too). I'm still really glad I chose that version as it really suits the camera (to my eyes at least). Yesterday, I saw an all-black one (ironically, on a shelf in my local John Lewis branch) and it confirmed that the silver & black variant was the right choice for me. Trivial as it seems, I do try to choose the colour that looks "right" to me - not so much bothered about what others will think of it.

Interesting: so in the UK they only sell black version, and only silver in the US. No idea why Panasonic believes that certain markets only want certain colors, especially when it seems to be human nature to want the other color, that's not available. I wanted a black GX7, but settled for silver (didn't feel like ordering outside the country). Now I'm glad, as I got accustomed to it, the black now looks strange - as if it's missing something. Anyway, for the GM-1, I do think silver looks better.

You think that's bad, take a look what the French got.

I wouldn't be surprise the grip was bundled with the camera aswell.

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