Fast, cheap MFT camera for wife...

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Re: Fast, cheap MFT camera for wife...

Alan Smith wrote:

I have an OMD EM5. (Coming from Canon). I like it a lot. My wife has one of my old Canon bodies but I want to move her to MFT (smaller, lighter.)

Her #1 concern is rapid AF. (The only reason she used a Canon body was so she wouldn't lose shots of active kids.)


Thanks in advance!

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Is she happy with your EM5 for what she wants?......if so then should be lots to choose from, they are all pretty good.

If not, then maybe a Sony A6000?

Don't think you will get a m4/3 camera that is fast and cheap that will get the shots she wants of active kids without missing shots at least but if the single AF is ok for her then any recent 16mp M4/3 might do.

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