XF 18 f2.0 Opinions from users.

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Re: XF 18 f2.0 Opinions from users.

I like it well enough as a walk around lens. When the X-Pro first came out, I bought the 18 and the 35 and I probably had the 18 on the camera 95% of the time, maybe more. It's pretty fast for a wide angle at f2.0, so it's good in low light. It's really nice in the center wide open and gets better as you stop down a bit. The corners are really soft wide open. They get better stopped down than wide open, but never get that sharp. If that matters to you be aware - it doesn't really bother me in the least but some are sticklers for that kind of thing.

I used the lens for zone focus for a couple of years and got by with it OK, but I find the distance scale on the LCD and EVF really tough to read and to stop precisely at a particular distance. I MUCH prefer the clutch focus rings on the 14 an 23 for that kind of thing and miss it on the 18. I have a Nikon A at that focus length now and use it for street work and most 28mm shooting, so the 18 doesn't get a lot of use these days. But it's my favorite focal length and if I didn't have another alternative I liked more in some key ways, I'd still be using it a lot. I tend to go out with the 14 and 23 now and the 18 on the Nikon (which functionally doesn't really take up any more room in a bag than the 18 does). And some days I take the 50-230 when I think I might want some reach.

If I didn't have the Nikon A, I'd use the 18 a lot still. It's a far less amazing lens than the 14 or 23 or 56, or even the 35, but I still like it a lot. If you're not anal about corner sharpness I'd say it's a really good lens. If you are, probably not for you...

Here are a couple of samples:

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