Inconsistent aperture rings

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Re: Agree 100%

I find it very annoying.  One of the attractions of the Fuji X for me is stepping away from menus and displays to direct, mechanical controls.   That they don't mark lenses like the 10-24 tells me there are people at Fuji who just don't get it.  Why else make the XT1 with three big, marked dials on top?  The point is you can look down at the camera, even when it is off, and know your settings.  The point of THAT is so you can have the camera ready to go in a new lighting situation or just after changing lenses, without having to turn it on and look at the freaking screen, or worse, hold it up to your eye to look in the EVF, just to turn it off until you're ready to shoot.

Shooting styles differ.  I like for the exposure to at least be close when I power up and start snapping away.

Hopefully they find the plot before losing their tenuous hold on this admittedly niche market.

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