Possible to adapt Canon MPE 65mm to Fuji X?

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Re: Possible to adapt Canon MPE 65mm to Fuji X?

Tapper123 wrote:

The Canon MPE 65mm f2.8 is a manual focus only lens with up to 5:1 macro. I've been wanting to play with such a lens for ages, but not really wanting to get back into Canon DSLRs.

I also had one of these for a few years.  Just so you know, it's not really even "manual focus".  It is a lens with an adjustable spacer tube.  If you change the tube length, you change the magnification AND the working distance.  You can't focus independently.  In practice what you want to do is set the magnification so that the image of your subject fills the field, or you get the composition you want.  Then, to focus you have to move the camera in and out.  This is barely possible handheld, and pure torture with poor lighting.  I basically always used this lens with the camera mounted on one of several racks so the cam was steady and I could futz with lighting.  At 5:1 the working distance of the MPE is a few mm, and the depth of field is tiny, maybe less than 0.1mm.

You could save $$ and still have MICRO photo fun by using one of the Nikon 4x finite conjugate objectives with a long tube and adapters.  Probably $250 all in from Edmund optics.  It is a lighter setup, easier to get lighting to the subject, and the optics are just as good IMO (I shot grids and other test targets back when I was bored and wanted to compare).  But will still require a rack/rail for precise focus.

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