My dream full-frame camera.

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I am actually a bit supprized nobody has tried an updated RD-1...

The old Epson RD-1 rangefinder from years ago is actually not too far off the kind of camera the OP is talking about(minus of course being FF) and I think its notable that dispite being way way out of date tech wise it still commands a good price on the used market.

I can see why nobody has tried to beat Leica when it comes to a truly modern M mount camera but it does seem like there could be a market for a more "authentic" digital M-mount camera, especially if it was cheaper than the Leica's.

Your still not likely talking something "cheap" though I'd guess, I'd be very supprized to see such a camera sell for less than $2000.

The other possible update I spose could be not the M but the old Nikon S system. Seems like a bit of a longshot but Nikon are looking for niche markets recently plus they've shown there prepared to go after the S collectors market in the past with the S3 and SP special editions. Your likely talking about something at Leica prices or perhaps even higher then though.

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