m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Clearly you have not photographed Lower Antelope Canyon

Firstly, the subjects are stationary, so with a tripod, high ISO is irrelvant.

Secondly, you typically need lots of depth of field in a slot canyon, since the various parts of the scene are at a wide range if distances, so the aperture must be stipped down. This makes "big glass" irelevant, amd also eliminates any low light advantage of a larger formst, because a larger format needs a higher f-stop to get the needed DOF, and so needs a higher ISO speed to get the same shutter speed, and gathers no more light in total than a smaller format.

Thirdly, the stationary subjects means that the speed advantage of phase detect auto-focus is irelevant, leaving contrast-detect with the advantage of greater accuracy.

Fourthly, many non-SLR sysrem cameras have phase-detect autofocus as well as contrast-detect.

Fifthly, my experience in LAC was that good IBIS of the EM5 made it possible to shoot hand-held at fairly low ISO speeds.

So you seem to be repeating every alleged disadvantage of MFT that you have read about without understanding how things actually work in practice.

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Smaller lenses, better in low light, more telephoto reach:
you can have any *two* at one time.

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