GH3 or the GH4?

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Re: GH3 or the GH4?

C Sean wrote:

In the UK there are some great deals going on and I'm very tempted to put some of my hard saved cash down.

Near the end of the year I should be going on safari if everything goes to plan and the GH4 is the perfect camera for the trip. It's has weather sealing, 0.07 focusing speed and can take 12 fps. It's just the perfect camera for me but I have no interest in video or 4k. So am I wasting money by going to the lastest model?

We have the GH3 and it's almost £600 cheaper compared to the newest model. The money I could save by buying the GH3 instead could go towards a PL 15mm. Make the matters worst the Gh3 comes with a free 25mm and a friend of mine recently had a baby daughter. Make the matters worst he own a GF5 and doesn't have any fast lenses. I could give him my free lens for FREE and this will help him out greatly.

So what would be the better option for me?

GH4 still image quality might have a slight edge over GH3 especially in dynamic range but nothing to write home about. Video will be a differentiator ...

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