Do we really need ultra-bright lenses for our E/FE-mount EVF cameras?

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Do we really need ultra-bright lenses for our E/FE-mount EVF cameras?

I know there are many breeds of photographers and that the need for glass is different. For press photographers 17-35 mm, 24-70 mm and 70-200 mm f:2.8 seems to be the 'bread and butter' combo, and I know wedding photographers who are using their f:1.2 lenses wide open most of the time. Then there are studio/MF photographers who hardly can find a brighter lens than f:2.8 for their systems, and who are pleased with f:4 lenses.

With EVF cameras we don't need bright lenses to get a bright viewfinder view. Also, for digital we don't benefit much in shutter speed from brighter lenses than about f:2 due to light fall-off. Sure, brighter lenses offer less depth of focus. But do we need that many ultra-bright lenses? Isn't a 50 mm or 85 mm f:1.4 sufficient for most needs? If ever more speed than f:2 is needed? Even if we now, paradoxally, do have the tools (peaking and magnified view) to ensure perfect focus for minimal depth of focus ...

After walking around with my A7 for about a week now, I have absolutely falled in love with this small beauty. What I really enjoy is the compact size and low weight, especially with the Zeiss 35 mm f:2.8 lens attached. When using the L-EA3 adapter and my A-mount Zeiss 24 mm f:2 and 50 mm f:4, the camera feels HUGE! So I am already awaiting a wide or ultra-wide prime -brighter than f:4 isn't needed. And I don't want the bulk of a zoom lens. I will gladly trade some brightness for a compact lens, but I demand very high image quality.

Also, when searcing among tens of thousands of pictures with Lightrom, I can hardly find any picture that was captured with very bright aperture setting, except for my 50 mm lens. Not even my Zeiss 85 mm lens does pop up for much more than f:2.8 working aperture.

I am of cause NOT asking Sony to skip the plans for bright E/FE lenses, since other photographers for sure are asking for very bright or ultra-bright lenses. I for sure hope that they also fullfill their plans for making small high quality lenses, with primes from ultra wide to short telephoto - not neccessarily brighter than f:2.8 or 4.0.

So what are your thoughts and needs? Do you need ultra-bright lenses (brighter than about f:2), or do you prefer a small and lightweight system?

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