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Re: More misty eyed views of the past

robin t wrote:

darklamp wrote:

No, the physics of the reflex changed. I'll speak up for you: THE LIGHT GETS SPLIT OFF TO THE AF SENSORS. Yes, that little half-mirror thing. Less light through the prism means the viewfinders aren't just less bright, but also have a smaller size to allow for the loss.

If you can detect this small difference I would have to regard you as having exceptional abilities or, more likely, your confirmation bias is kicking in and you're seeing what you want to see.

Darklamp you are ridiculous. There is a huge difference.

I think the only difference between someone like us (comfortable with facts) and people who are not, is simply that they have not allowed themselves to learn the facts.

...I do think that technology can provide it, as all these mechanisms and chips and motors, etc will continue to get smaller to the point that they can make a full frame camera look like an F2 or a fish or a hotdog or whatever the hell they want. And I hope at that point, they know that some people don't want all their bulls**t extras, and would like to focus manually. That's why we're writing about it here, and I think it's coming a lot sooner than y'all wanna believe.

.... I'd say that if you fancy yourself a technology forecaster, you're doing a pretty bad job.

Robin - Earlier this century, on a similar forum, I stated that I'd wait for a full-frame (35mm) sensor before committing to digital. Back then I also found myself ridiculed as the naysayers self-assuredly jumped on my dream.

So, perhaps we should leave them be if they are happy to follow the marketing which we try our hand at steering.

If you'd open you're eyes and look around you'd see your precious 21st century awash with inefficient, low-tech products coming back because people like them. Vinyl records, I'd imagine, just make your skin crawl, huh? Those dumb luddites! What about tube amps? Heavy, soft-sounding and super expensive! But they're back! And even cameras like the XT-1 and the Alpha 7 point to people wanting and paying for a camera that feels like a good, ol-time manual SLR.

Your problem is you are applying 20th century production economics to 21st century consumer ideals. You're all humped up on Fordanomics and 'production lines' that you're missing the kickstarter-decentralized-consumer-and-ideas-driven production modes of the 21st century. So take off your soot-coloured glasses and walk through that door. I'll be there to take a wide-open, manually focussed shot of your shocked mug with my digital F2.

I have developed a healthy cynicism due to past trends where the market-force is so orientated towards the 'tell-us-what-we-want-and-how-to-think' consumers. But, you are right, the tide is turning and they're starting to address those who know what they need.

Hell, they might even stop calling us consumers and start calling us end-usersagain!

Who's the luddite now?

How many luddite's does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: Change??!! We don't like change!

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