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Londongal wrote:

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Londongal wrote:

Thanks so much for this info and photos. I've been looking at alternative hoods; prefer metal to the Fuji plastic. It's very helpful to know (and see) the screw in hoods work well with filters.

Have a fabulous trip!!!

Your welcome and thanks!

I know probably sounds ridiculous... but I've been wandering around Nashville, where I live, and using this setup, taking pictures, just to get used to handling my new camera, lenses and bag.

It doesn't sound ridiculous at all; it sounds like you love photography, love your camera and are looking forward to a wonderful trip with your wife I think it is the right decision to get comfortable with your new camera and the gear you are taking with you. Once you are in Paris, you'll benefit from having your mind free to focus on photography!!!

Here's a tip if you don't already know it. If you want to go up the Eiffel Tower, you can book reservations in advance and go right up - literally - instead of waiting in line with many hundred or perhaps thousands of people. You will have to do a bit of advance planning, in that you must be at the Tower for your scheduled reservation. We were there last October and avoided waiting in line onsite for hours (no exaggeration) to purchase tickets and then saved another couple of hours waiting in line (again, no exaggeration) to go up the elevator. Here's the link:

Back to Fuji: Their rear lens caps fall off very easily. I found more rear lens caps in the bottom of my camera bag than on the end of my lenses. JJC makes X-Mount lens caps that go on securely and stay on. I learned about them on this forum and found them at a local camera store. They are also available on Ebay.

Enjoy Paris!

Thanks for the tips! I will defiantly pre-book the Eiffel, so thanks for the link. Thats interesting about the rear caps. Mine are all TIGHT. I could get my old Nikon rear caps off with one hand. With the Fujis, I have to grab the lens with both hands to twist the rear caps off. However, the aperture ring on my XF14 -  now that's LOOSE!

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