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Re: about to make a decision

I'd respectfully suggest you need to think more of your (potential) clients than equipment detail. Weddings are unique - a one-off opportuity to provide the happy couple with an outstanding set of images to enhance their memories... or the complete opposite.

Does your (existing or proposed) equipment facilitate your 'style', have you sufficient skill and technique to get the lighting right and capture the feel of the day. Do you shoot large groups, so need a very wide-angle lens? Do your churches or wedding halls allow flash? Is your flash (with diffusers) poweful enough for these locations? Do you have an assistant with a lighting pole? What if it rains.. do you carry umbrellas to 'utilise' the change in the weather.... Etc

Whilst a 'beefy' camera looks the part, it is the results that count (for those of us old enough to remember David Bailey and his half-frame clockwork Canon...) and the bride will not be thinking of the camera body (or any equipment) if the results are outstanding or outstandlingly bad.

Can I respectfully suggest you look at (many) weddng tutorials, consider your own style (and look at your previous wedding results if you have done some) and consider what is required to 'improve'. If it is predominantly 'equipment' - what equipment, in what priority, within what budget. If it is your skill and tecnique, concentrate on that first.

Hope some help.

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