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Still, Sal: what's the upside?

Sal Baker wrote:

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I'm looking to buy a spare battery for my xe1. Amazon has 2 brands that have good reviews and cost 1/4 of a Fuji battery. Anyone here using Maxsima or ex-pro batteries? Or any other brand that you are pleased with.



Hi Sorin,

not sure why you seem to think it is worth to take the risk of using non-Fuji batteries?

Here's how I reason about this:

- your investment in the X-E1 and lenses is most certainly over $1'000 (body only is $800). If your 3rd-party battery blew up (we all know that Li-ion technology is still not as perfect as everyone would like) then the Fuji warranty wouldn't cover anything.

- the Fuji battery for the X-E1 is around $55. So even if the 3rd-party battery is just 1/4th of this i.e. around $14, you'll be saving only $41. If you buy two, you'll be saving $82. And to "save" the $82 you'll be taking a risk that you are with a less safe battery, and more importantly you'll be taking the risk that if anything happens then your warranty will not cover anything. In other words you seem ready to take a risk on a precious piece of equipment, to make a "saving" of around 5% of the value of that equipment. Doesn't seem very logical to me.

- and this is even before I start with the value (emotional and potentially commercial) of the photographs taken with that camera, and which might also get lost should a 3-rd party battery blow-up.

But perhaps your logic is different - if so I'd be happy to hear it!

For any of this to matter there would have to be some demonstrated risk. There has never been any report, anywhere, in the world, of any batteries made for X-cameras, made for Fuji or made for third party companies ever blowing up or causing ANY problems. The possibility is high that all these batteries are made by one manufacturer as Fuji has a very small market share.

Again, these are very unsophisticated batteries with no special electronics or chips. They are more like AA batteries than DSLR batteries. Pay more if you like, but they all have the same chance of blowing up, which as of now is zero.

If I missed reports of blown up third party Fuji batteries please correct me.


Well Sal,

we are all different.

On one hand, less money is spent.

On the other, there is:
- IF anything happens, the warranty is VOID.  What is the upside of voiding the warranty?  By my book this is a huge letdown.  So I don't care if I can "save" 40 dollars by buying cheap.
- Li-ion batteries are definitely NOT "like AA batteries".  I haven't searched for failures of Fuji batteries or oher brands or non-brands on cameras.  But there are numerous reports of batteries failing or blowing up on smartphones or laptops - most of them non-brands.

But again, we are all different.  You seem to fall in the camp for whom a saving of 40 dollars is worth more than a lost warranty.  And this in spite of having once had the means to purchase a good Fuji camera and a couple lenses...

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