My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: My dream full-frame camera.

ambercool wrote:

You're not wrong. If a company provided a full frame camera with just the manual settings then they wouldn't make any money. They make money on the extras that they put in to justify the cost.

I think a good example is where I live. Having an apartment itself in a really good town still shouldn't cost that much. But the amenities fee is ~$600 and I don't use the pool, spa, gym, bb court, dog wash, bus, tech room, lounge, and Starbucks machine. On top of that I don't even cook so the $600 I'm probably paying for my nice kitchen with a granite top and cherry wood goes to waste also.

That's $1,200 that I would like to opt out of, but I can't. I will pay that because it's a safe place, had friends that lived there and liked it, and the room layout is my style.

Can't have a rose without the thorns. Oh well...

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"Luck come to those who do"

See this is a case of differing viewpoints. You wouldn't have a cheaper place because you have weighed the pros and cons and think the increased rent is worth it. But there are cheaper places available, if you can live without the amenities. The difference with cameras is that I don't have the choice of living without autofocus, tech-heavy, weight-heavy, and straight-out massive DSLRs that exist today. It wouldn't be so bad if in the past we didn't have light, straight-forward, manually controlled SLRs. We did though, and now with all this technology, we're not allowed to have that anymore. Ridiculous. Which is why I'm posting this, and why many people agree. Again, and for the zillionth time, the camera I'd like will appear at some point.

And any of you arguing that I'm a luddite please see my reply to Darklamp. Cause you luddite haters are all luddites in my eyes.

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