Colour management experts-How do get colours correct for web??

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Colour management experts-How do get colours correct for web??

Can anyone help me out....I work in Adobe RGB1998, and my agencies/clients tend to work in the same colour space, so that's all good. Also, prints look great..

I recently purchased a colour calibrated Eizo display which is superb.

The problems arise when I convert my images to sRGB for web upload. I simply convert in photoshop using 'Edit > Convert to Profile > sRGB' . Using Internet Explorer the web images look at times very over-saturated on the Eizo, unless I switch it to sRGB mode.

Using another browser like Firefox, they look OK. I understand that Firefox automatically detects the colour space, where IE doesn't.

That's all fine - but I know from Analytics that lots of peeps viewing my site do use Internet Explorer. I have people viewing using 27" Macs in Adobe RGB and some folks on very basic home PCs presumably set to sRGB.

So my question is:-

Is there any way to standardise colours so they look roughly the same to all viewers regardless of monitor or browser?

When I view many professional photographer's websites they look fine regardless of browser, which I find confusing.

Please help if you can!


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