X200, X-PRO2 or XT-2?

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Re: Nikon or Canon not Fuji X

ryan2007 wrote:

DanielFjall wrote:

Form factor wise - wich one would you choose and what would it have to make you upgrade from your current camera (any camera)? Ex: More MPs weather sealing or perhaps an organic sensor?
Are you waiting for anything specific maybe?

For all we know Nikon and Canon make a big change an do something to step up their mirrorless offerings.

Maybe Panasonic/Olympus do a APS-C sensor

Maybe the X100s get a built in zoom lens

I would buy what you need today, not overbuy or buy a product just because of a sale price.

I have to agree with you Ryan, there was a big sale on the Olympus OMDs, and if you purchased a camera at a discount of $50, you were able to save up to $450 on the purchase of 3 lenses. I have a friend who purchased 3 lenses with his EM-5 body in order to get that savings just to find out that he did not use one of those lenses. He also purchased a second body with 3 lenses and had a friend send in one of the rebate forms in order to save a total of $900 on both sales.  What really makes me laugh with him some time is that he has gotten rid of the two EM-5 bodies only to purchase a EM-1 with a 12-40 lens because that was on sale as well.  Purchasing the EM-5s was like getting the one EM-5 free, but he is now not using 3 of those 6 lenses so what has he saved?

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