X200, X-PRO2 or XT-2?

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Re: X200, X-PRO2 or XT-2?

DanielFjall wrote:

mickdeblood wrote:

i.m waiting for the xpro2.....in whatever form; i,m sure it will be exciting

Yeah, I'm too holding off for the X-PRO2! The form factor of the camera is just the right size, and not to mention that hybrid viewfinder. What would make me upgrade would be notably improved sensor/image quality and of course the obvious such as AF and MP.

Since the X-T1 is a first of it's kind - I'm expecting the X-T2 to be drastically improved. It'll be more interesting than the X-T1 after all that user feedback!

The Nikon D600 should be a good reason for not waiting on the next generation of any camera in order to purchase.  When I need a camera, I will go out and purchase the best camera that I can afford that will do the job that I need for it to do.  Waiting on the next generation of a camera only to discover that they are having problems with that camera is not a good idea.   What do you do then, do you then wait on the next generation of that problem camera or do you just purchase it problems and all?

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