Bullfiight in Spain w the EM5 75-300

Started Mar 31, 2014 | Photos thread
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Once more, a plea for some mutual respect

Hmmm. I'd just come back to this thread as I wanted to thank the OP for changing his title - which was all that I (and others) had asked him to do.

So, thanks Rube, much appreciated.

And then I saw this...

I don't get all hissy about those photos just because they show things/people that I dislike.

NZ Scott - I honestly respect your view on this, and I think it's an interesting discussion to have. Can you separate what you think of the merits (or otherwise) of a photograph from the subject matter, when it's of something controversial? It's a really interesting question. But please, to you and some others - can this be done on this forum without resorting to insults? It would make it a much more pleasant place for all of us if we felt able to express our views without being told we were being 'all hissy' etc, just for doing so.

Let's be grown ups and allow discussion and difference of opinion in a way that shows a little more respect. Perhaps in the way that we might talk about it amongst friends in a bar, rather than hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

I swear I'm not saying this as an attack. I'm saying it as a way of trying to make us all think a little harder and take a moment longer before posting our comments, so that we can be inclusive, not divisive.



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