Kelby has gone too far now - Launches Canon In Action Tour.

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History repeats, but not always.... it's not Canon & Nikon anymore

MarkJh said earlier in this thread:

If Nikon can't market its way out of a paper bag, we're all in trouble. If they don't sell cameras, we don't get new and better; if they don't sell cameras, what we've got declines in value. I'm not suggesting that Scott Kelby's whim suddenly turns my Nikon gear to dust; but I am saying that a big system is an investment, in part, in the future. So while Kelby's switch doesn't mean much to me directly, or today, it's the kind of thing that could mean a lot for the equipment Nikon is able to offer a generation or two from now.

I think this is the important point. I do think this stuff goes in cycles, or can. I remember when the D3 arrived and all of a sudden the NFL sidelines went from almost zero Nikons to almost 50% Nikons rapidly.

But things are different now and I don't know if the cycle repeats as it's not just Coke & Pepsi anymore. If you visit the Fuji forum, there are lots of threads of folks dumping Nikon gear for the X system (many to save weight, but most of them are more than happy with the image quality). People who used to shoot DLSR are using iPhones and creating art with them, Olympus micro 4/3rds have the image quality of a 2007 D3, Lumix, Pentax are all in the game.

So I think both Canon and Nikon have a lot to lose at the less-than-top-end of the market. At the $1000 to $,1500 range for a body, why buy nikon now? I'm not sure as the Fuji APS-C system has fantastic glass, the Olympus OM-D are getting fantastic reviews, the Sony's are looking good if they flesh out their lens line.  Heck, the Image quality of my x100s is better than my old D3 with a 35mm lens.

So if Nikon loses the serious amateur marketshare, what happens? If Fuji or Olympus take their AF to a D4 level and offer 15fps, what happens?

Even with Canon's better marketing, they need to watch out too. I often re-read this hilarious piece by Zach Arias "... a camera walks into a bar".

Full article here:

Excerpt: "Sony and Olympus share glances and mumble something about the wizard losing his potion. 'Hey, at least we aren’t those two a**holes over there.' as they point to Canon and Nikon.

Canon and Nikon. They’re the two old men at the bar who are always arguing. You can’t tell if they’re the best of friends, brothers, or sworn enemies. Either way, there they sit… every night… arguing and arguing and arguing. One says he can drive a car faster. One says he got laid at the ’84 Olympics far more than the other. The other talks about how big his lens is. The only thing they ever agree on is they are both sick and tired of all the young kids in the bar these days taking their space. You get a feeling that if they just melded into one the world would be better for it. Please don’t get either one started about iPhone and her friend

The article goes on, but the 'two old men at the bar' metaphor seems so apt.

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